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Features & Benefits

Nationwide Network

We have one of the biggest nationwide ecommerce operations.

Fast Payment

Get In Deal pays sellers conveniently via IBFT on mutually agreed credit days whenever their product is sold through our website.

Delivery Option

You have the choice to deliver your products to the customers yourself or let Get In Deal manage the delivery of the orders to customers.

Easy Return

Get In Deal has an easy returns policy for customers and sellers. If a customer returns a product, we supply it back to you within a few days.

Unlimited Listing

Once you are registered with us as a Seller, there is no limit to the number of products you can enlist to sell on Get In Deal.

Free Marketing

Get In Deal promotes your products through various channels such as email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, etc. without charging you anything.

Our three easy steps

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a platform where anyone can fill in the form with their relevant details. Once verified, they can start selling.

It takes 48 hours after registration. We take some time to scrutinize your application but we get back to you within 3 working days.

Once your shop is created, you will receive a system-generated email where you can login to your Seller Center and enjoy selling. There, you can update prices, add promotions, process orders and view your performance.

No. Get In Deal does not charge vendors any joining fee.

We transmit the amount to you via IBFT. We need to have your IBAN in order to make the payment to you.

There is no limit to the products you can upload and sell at Get In Deal.